The Methodism rose up as a revival movement within Anglican Church. The main role in this movement played well educated theologian and Anglican cleric John Wesley (1703-1791). Originally a mocking nick name “the Methodists” or “the Holy Club” rose up on the Oxford University soil. There the group of students and lectors met and tried to lead a pious life with a method. This pious life has been based on prayers, self-examination and social work. The foundation of the Methodism is officially dated in the year 1739. In this year Wesley’s brothers (John a Charles Wesley 1707-1788) with George Whitefield (1714-1770) began to preach in public. One by one the other preachers joined them. The travelled from place to place, they preached in Anglican churches and in public places. Initially, the Methodist movement spread to industrial areas, from there to the entire England and then also to Scotland. John Wesley started to organize classes (small household groups), which met once a week.

He founded united communities and worked out the General Rules. He educated preachers. The first Methodist conference was held in the year 1744. With the end of 18th century the movement had more than 80 000 followers, 300 preachers, new churches and chapels were in construction. The independent church has been founded not until the movement spread to the America. At so called Christmas Conference 24.12.1784 the Methodist Episcopal Church rose up. In the Great Britain the foundation of independent church has been dated since the year 1797.

The United Methodist Church in Czech Republic rose up from missionary ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South already after WW1. The Czech Methodist congregations in Texas sent to the Czechoslovakia preachers, who were prepared to preach the gospel in their old homeland. In the year 1920 three Methodist workers came to the Czechoslovakia, who were focused on social work (R. Clements), distribution of books (C.T. Collyer) and preaching (J. Dobeš). To the tent preaching and evangelisation, which started Josef Dobeš (1876-1960), joined preacher Josef Pavel Barták (1887-1964) in the year 1921 and from the year 1922 preacher Václav Vančura (1883-1972). One by one the other preachers joined. The first Methodist Church was founded in Prague Vršovice 21.11.1920.