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The Diakonia of the United Methodist Church in the Czech Republic and UMC parishes, congregations and Christian Aid Centers are helping those fleeing the war in Ukraine — thanks to your much-needed financial help! Please donate to our

transparent account Helping Ukraine - 2602129572/2010

Thank you very much for your support!



Here you will find continuously updated information about where the collection is helping and the situation in parishes, congregations and Christian Aid Centres:


How we handle funds in the transparent account and donations from abroad:

  • Priorities for the use of resources respond to a changing and evolving situation. Given the difficulty of forecasting, the strategy is refined at regular intervals with particular regard to the effectiveness and sustainability of our aid - also in view of the commitment we have made to the specific people in our facilities and the trust they have placed in us.

  • The main priority for us now is to secure and maintain the assistance to those who have already entrusted themselves to our Diakonia, parishes and centers, and to extend and continue this assistance. We do not forget about the direct humanitarian aid going to Ukraine, where we consider it important to effectively use the synergies with our Russian-speaking UMC and our direct contacts in Ukraine as well as our knowledge of the local terrain.

  • On the basis of the actual operations to date, we are in the process of quantifying the costs of operating the refugee facilities established by Diakonia. For the time being, we expect to operate these facilities for at least the next six months. Even if the war ends immediately, the reconstruction of Ukraine and the need for refugees to stay abroad will take longer.

  • With this in mind, we are also transferring a portion of the funds directly to Diakonia UMC - to an operationally earmarked account dedicated to the operation of our refugee facilities, and to enable longer-term planning and organization of this assistance.

  • Diakonia UMC also tries to take advantage of all current opportunities for financial support to refugees from the state. Despite the government's media image, not everything is working as declared so far. Diakonia also tries to link our facilities with the respective municipalities and obtain their material and non-material support.

  • Our churches and Christian Aid Centers respond selflessly and promptly to the need for help in their places of operation. These are also churches that find it difficult to manage a balanced budget on their own. It will therefore also be necessary to support them in their assistance to those fleeing the war in the medium and long term.

  • The specific financial flows and the use of funds are currently approved by the Diakonia UMC Director together with the superintendent and the Head of the District Office. Světlana Mašková (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is the contact person for collecting any requests from congregations and Christian Aid Centers for financial support within the framework of the transparent collection.

  • All funds raised are earmarked for aid to Ukraine. Should an unexpected favorable situation arise and there is no further need to fund aid here in the Czech Republic or humanitarian shipments, any remaining funds would go directly to the rebuilding of Ukraine in cooperation with the Ukrainian Methodist Church.

  • Thank you for your trust in us to help those in need. In this situation, which is new for us, we are trying to help as efficiently and thoughtfully as possible with a good and quick result. We also thank you for your forbearance in gradually refining and fine-tuning the processes we have set up and seeking the most effective form of assistance.
    Your trust is greatly appreciated.